Friday, September 14, 2018

Quality Blog post:learning

This is my Blog Post, it's about what we have learnt over the past weeks.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Voki Dog

Voki site!
This is my voki character, we are learning how to critique in school so each and everyone of my classmates made a voki. Here is mine!
Here you can hear my voki speak!
I really enjoy making vokis, unfortunetly we do not have access to everything so, in my opinion it was hard to find something I actually liked.

Friday, July 6, 2018

About me

The cat from the Moon.

The cat from the Moon.

In a dark forest full of life and death, it was a windy day. The moon sparkled down onto a mossy log near the river, And from the specs of light, there emerged a cat a with a moon cresent on their head. Fur as grey as metal, that cat was named Aura...

Wolves were howling, the cats were defending their territory. Birds were looking down on us for who we are. While Aura just sat there next to a narrow creek. Aura had been casted from her clan just for that moon cresent. Aura looked down into the green water and saw her reflection, she saw how souless and empty she loooked. Ger etes looked plain, like  nothing was there. The sounds of crunching leaves made her lift her head and snapped out of it. She checked her surroundings and saw a wolf approaching, her moon cresent glew pure white then Aura grew gentle, innocent white angel wings and flew away from danger thus she didn't want to fight. She landed on a mountain and asoon as  her deathly cold paws touched the ground her wings faded away as if they were never there. When the wings had faded away fully into dust she had passed out. Three hours later Aura wope up, it was a sunny afternoon. She looked out for danger in the distance and once she made sure it was okay... A wolf popped up behind her. She could hear the familiar sound of dribbling spit constantly on the floor, she turned around and she saw the wolf... Off like that she scrammed as fast as she could of course she couldn't out run a wolf... As soon as she hit the mountain border there was only  a cliff left. Her moon cresent glew a yellowish color?.. The wolf looked inquisitive as what was going to happen next. Aura had transformed into a wolf with a black coat, black wings and blue eyes and white horns. This time the other wolf ran instead of Aura. Except when she was done with this form it didn't go away. But luckily the moon cresent was gone but she was stuck in that hideous form, who would wanna talk with someone with wings and horns? She truly would always be an outcast she pondered. Thud, thud thud. Aura had enough fleeing. She'd stand and fight, but there... It was a dragon with a moon cresent on  its head. 

- TBC.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The cat of the night.

The cat of the night.

1. The weird day,
2.The sadness, 

 A freezing afternoon, coming home from school. The frosty cold feeling flooded the air... Something was off about today, the sun sparkled down, I walked inside I felt the warm air rushing around my body, it was so relaxing. I sit next to my Mum on the couch on the cozy couch, it brang a homey vibe. I wrap my arm around my Mum, I wouldn't normally do that.  I glance around the room and see my adorable pure midnight coated cat, with a name of fiery her name was Cinder. 

I glance down at her legs, she was limping?!... I tell my Mum and I start panicking, was she hurt? Of course she was! Did she break her leg? Did she fall out of a tree? And so much more possibilities. My mum calls the vet, well I can't be sure it was the vet I just assumed it was... I shaked in fear and anxiety only worrying what happened to my cat... 

That day... I felt uneasy uncapable to think of ANYTHING but her... I was empty, there was nothing left... I started crying abit... I don't cry a lot. It felt like... There were knives stabbing me constantly until I drop dead, I wanted to let out my silent scream... My cat is EVERYTHING to me... I'd do anything for her. And I repeat ANYTHING... I felt dead, I felt... DePreSSeD. My cat was my motivation and that motivation felt like it disappeared, it was something you couldn't explain a bond between us, it was a feeling called Love.... After that, I've always felt like a pawn unable to recover after our fight between our enemy Hate....